Hello again, friends!

Summer is over and my excitement grows bigger and bigger for the cold weather and cosy clothes. But there is a big con to all that: fresh fruit and veggies season will end up.

Lately, I’ve tried to stay away from meat (as much as I could), replacing it with cheese, yoghurt and eggs. My reasons are not clear, but I think I just wanted to prove myself that YES, I CAN DO IT! I have to say that this transition is not that hard for me (keep in mind the fact that I used to be a daily meat consumer, a junk food lover and a binge eater) for a couple of reasons:

  1. There are so many foods out there that you’ll forget about meat. Mushrooms, beans, chickpeas, potatoes and so many more.
  2. Dairy products and eggs are a great source of protein (but I don’t recomment eating massive amounts of that)
  3. Although it is basically a type of meat, fish should not be missing from your diet, so that can be a pretty good cheat whenever you need something… meaty.
  4. There are carbs! Unhealthy as they are, I like to indulge in some pasta sometimes and basic pomodoro/basilico pasta is the best! But I avoid mixing carbs and dairy together providing the fact that both foods can be tricky and might become too fat. So whenever I’m in that pasta mood (basically everyday), my great substitute for pecorino/parmigiano is a blend of breadcrumbs, garlic powder and other spices, browned together in a tablespoon of olive oil.
  5. I have a number of vegetables I like to combine everyday with mushrooms, potatoes, rice and pasta and they kind of fill me up without getting 3 extra pounds (tomatoes, cabbage, onion, carrots, squash, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, etcetera)
  6. A Buddha bowl will never be as boring as a slice of meat.
  7. The internet is full of vegan-friendly recipes!


I do NOT consider myself a vegetarian and of course I will have meat once in a while if my body needs it. I also do not judge other people for their diet choices, so eat whatever makes you happy and healthy!

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