Cold season is (finally) here and now I can properly wear my signature look (that is a burgundy/nude lip *depending on my mood* and earthy shades on my eyes).

I am aware that I own a lot more palettes than needed. Most of them have similar shades, but I just craved the Au Naturel palette for the balanced mix of mattes and shimmers. Sleek is a brand I’ve been keen on for a long time and I am sure that everyone knows the hype that has been created around their palettes.

The palette has a very practical packaging, holding 12 colors and a big mirror, while keeping its size perfect for traveling. The colors are well chosen so that you can easily transit from an everyday look to a dramatic night makeup. This way, Au Naturel can become your daily go-to choice.

Here are all the swatched shades:


You can observe that the pigmentation in these eyeshadows is either decent, either nonexistent.


Nougat is a matte milky white which I can assume was created for highlighting the browbone. It’s not much pigmented , but that’s enough to do its job.

Nubuck is a matte light grey, a cold transition color I would say. While swatched, the color does not appear too intense, but it gives a nice effect when applied above the crease.

Capuccino is a matte ‘barely there’ color. The shade is similar to my skin tone, so I didn’t use it as much, but it’s fine for blending a much more darker shade if needed.

Honeycomb is a pale yellow-ish matte, more pigmented than the previous ones. I would personally use it directly on the center of my lid, but it would work as a browbone color for darker skin tones as well.

Toast is a matte warm peachy shade, perfect as a transition color, whose pigmentation is great compared to Nubuck.

Taupe is the loveliest color on the palette. It’s just a wonderful and festive shimmery that looks good anywhere on the lid. Plus point: can be used as a strong highlighter.

Conker is a dark plum color that reflects golden shades when applied. I can’t really describe Conker, it’s just… gorgeous.

Moss has got its name right. It’s a green kaki with dim gold reflections. A wild shimmery shade, indeed.

Bark is exactly what the earth looks like. Perfect for the outer corner or to define the eye. It’s a cold matte that I think would suit everyone, but the pigmentation is just not that flattering. Of course, it does the trick, but I have to insist to get an even finish.

Mineral Earth is both brown and golden, looking exactly like a mineral rich earth.

Regal is actually my great disappointment in this palette. The shade is a matte cold plum, amazing color, but it’s just not pigmented. So, although it looks dark and rich on the palette, the result on the skin is just feeble and poor. Yes, it can still be used as a gentle outer corner shadow, but my expectations were a bit higher.

Noir is simply black and I love this, de facto. I never have enough black shades in my collection and this one I must say has a good quality. It’s the most pigmented matte shade in the palette and it is so easily blendable.


I’ve been testing this palette for the past month and I’ve been more and more impressed by how much time it can last on the lids. Even when not using a primer, the colors can last up to 5 hours without creasing.

There are not any fall-outs, although some shades are a bit dusty. Each one of them is so easy to blend, no matter if it’s a light color, a shimmer or the black.


Would I recommend this palette? Definitely. The quality is decent (consider the fact that it’s a drugstore product) and most people can afford it easily. Despite all its weak points summarized above, Sleek products ARE worth the hype.

What do you think about Sleek?