Hello, friends!

Pasta is my favourite food ever and as I mentioned in my previous post, I like to indulge in some carbs from time to time. I discovered this dish last summer, it’s perfect for fall and it’s vegan!

note: I personally am not a vegan, but I try to stay away from killer food combinations, such as dairy/meat+pasta/potatoes.

You need not stick to any rules, just adapt it according to your food preferences. The base of the recipe will be garlic, mushrooms and spinach. I further added a little bit of red pepper and a tiny tomato for color and lemon juice.

However, the topping is what makes this recipe so special. I browned some breadcrumbs in a tablespoon of oil, then added garlic powder, oregano, salt, pepper and topped my pasta with that goodness.

I hope you will get inspired and try this dish!