I don’t know if it’s proper to say that I love a city by only visiting it once, but I just want to make things clear: I fell hard for Strasbourg. Now I’m going to be a little bit over-nostalgic, but, Lord, I just recall all of those happy moments and can’t get enough of them!

*hi, if you see this, please send Andreea back to France. It will make her little heart very very happy, I promise. Thankies*

Shall we now jump right into the actual post? Merci!

  • It’s picturesque, but not tacky. Strasbourg somehow is exceeding France’s lavender and croissant cliches. No, I haven’t visited Paris, nor Provence, Nice or Normandie (yet, hopefully). Yes, I am well aware of their notoriety and I do not deny their potential. But you know, when you finally get to see a VERY famous place, you might get disappointed. I call this the ‘Pisa Effect’ (you go there and want to shoot that perfect angle of the highly famous Tower of Pisa, but all you end up with is just a picture of a bunch of people striking hilarious poses… oh, and a tower somewhere in the background. Thanks, mass traveling).
  • It is just so close to Germany it’s crazy! And you can see it in the architecture as well (but I don’t mind the culture blend… at all). The whole Alsace region has been through pretty uneasy times during the history, that’s why you will see glimpses of German culture here and there.

And talking about architecture…

  • The cathedral is out of this world. I suggest having a moment of silence for one of the most breathtaking cathedrals I’ve ever seen, Notre-Dame de Strasbourg. As you walk through the old city and marvel at each (reasonable-sized) house, the cathedral suddenly appears from nowhere. It just appears there and it takes your breath away for a moment. It is humongous!

*now you know that I have a big crush on Catholic buildings*

  • La Maison des Tanneurs is a famous restaurant and also a very popular photo spot. One does not simply visit Strasbourg without taking a picture with that wall.
  • Candy, candy everywhere! Bakeries, patisseries or confectioneries. Shop windows are drowning in gourmet chocolate specialities, eclairs, macarons, candies and gingerbread. There’s one thing I must say, though…

In Strasbourg I had the best eclairs I’ve ever eaten!

  • Pizza is just a joke compared to tarte flambee (or it just appeals more to my taste) Search it on google and thank me later. This pure piece of heaven should be more famous!
  • It’s close to Colmar, the fairytale-like city of Eastern France.
  • The Christmas vibe. I visited Strasbourg in February, but it felt like mid-December. Goal: visiting the actual Christmas Market!
  • The city’s incredible wildlife! I mean… storks. There are storks everywhere, haha. And swans as well.


















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